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Swiss gymnastics sport and the gymnastics clubs of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation enthrall 360000 members and make them work out. Our gymnastics clubs offer a large variety of sports for people of all ages. The work carried out by many volunteers allow 150000 kids and youngsters to spend their free time in a exciting way. In order to support innovative gymnastics projects “I Believe In You” and the Swiss Gymnastics Federation have set up the gymnastics channel meant to implement even more ideas and activities through crowdfunding actions. As a token of appreciation for the clubs’ valuable commitment, the SGF awards four times per year a specific gymnastics project. The youth group of the winning club will be invited to the Swiss Cup Zürich or to the Gymotion.

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Our way to Tokyo

Helft uns bei der Finanzierung eines Trainingslagers zur Vorbereitung auf Olympia 2021!

FernUni Schweiz
00:00:0016000 of 15000 CHF

Hoch hinaus an der WAGC

Mit deiner Unterstützung nach Baku an die WAGC für die Schweiz

FernUni Schweiz
00:00:002810 of 2600 CHF